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About Me

Real Name

Jason Somerville

Screen Names

JCarver, taknapotin




New York

Skill Level

stuck and steaming


Once upon a time, I won a few “tournaments on the internet”. In what would be forever remarked upon as my crowning glory, I finished 2nd in the first annual Something Awful dot com Peggle tournament. I have managed to execute a 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th rundown of finishes at the World Series of Poker, a record still substantially less impressive than my 24-year streak of consecutive sessions eating plain food and water. I once had the great honor of playing ‘Night Lies’ and ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ with pumpy tudors.


In the slightly paraphrased yet still unforgettable words of Leo Wolpert, “I used to think I was a college student with a gambling problem until I one day realized I was a gambler with a college problem”. I left school a few years ago to follow my desire to play poker professionally. In that time, I’ve been lucky to meet some awesome people and had many great experiences while pursuing my poker dreams. I still love the game of poker and am highly motivated to crush in the years to come.

In addition to poker, I put a lot of dedicated research and work into being right more often than not at UFC sportsbetting. In addition to my enormous UFC fandom, I am also a ridiculous TV nut, video game enthusiast, and a huge Starcraft fan. I broadcast a lot of poker content both on PokerVT and for free over on youtube.

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