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(late) thursday taknapotin television treatise

February 20, 2009 | 4:02 am | JCarver

I haven’t really done too much since the FTOPS contest ended.  I played the 1K on Monday, busting 13th or something, and I played a full night on Wednesday, only cashing in the 100r.  I feel my tournament game is super strong these days and I’m playing better than I ever have before.  There’s a ton of huge events the next few months and I’m really psyched about my chances and feel very ready to crush some souls.

Onto more important topics that I have neglected in the past few weeks : TV, MMA, and “other cool things”.

Let’s start with MMA.  This weekend is another UFC card, and it should be a pretty good one.  I do have predictions that I’ll hopefully post tomorrow or early saturday, but in short it’s Sanchez/Marquardt FTW.  The most interesting current SCANDAL is obviously the vaseline controversy in BJ/GSP. BJ Penn has created a very awesome video documenting his points, and although hyperbole-strewn, the video is fairly convincing if you were a non-believer of Vaseline-gate.  I’m still not sure that the Vaseline swung the fight from a win for BJ to a loss, but it definitely seems to have been a factor.  Take a look at this video to see BJ present his case against GSP in fairly dramatic fashion.

Pretty sick video eh?  I’m more sure that they deserve a rematch now, but still, meeeeeh.  I’m not really sure if I want to see two divisions held up because of it.  Still, gonna be pretty interesting to see how it all develops.

I’ve got a few quick comments about TV shows of late:

Battlestar Galactica : For a show I’ve felt is on the good side of mediocre for awhile, it’s been admittedly very good the last few episodes.  Check it out if you haven’t seen it – they’re on Hulu for free.

Scrubs :  All I can put together is a meh.  Not really feeling it any more in the few episodes I’ve caught.

Hell’s Kitchen : This show is hilarious, and although it’s supposedly a “cooking reality show”, we all really know why we’re watching – we want to see people berated by Gordon Ramsey and make fools out of themselves (or at least, fools post-edit).  It’s certainly not the most intellectual show ever, but it is hilarious and awesome in it’s own way.

Survivor : I really can’t say too much since this show has just begun, but for one thing, Brazil looks gorgeous in HD.  It’s tough to pick out early favorites since there are so many people on the show at this point you can’t really get to know all of them in 80 minutes of show time, but it seems like this could be a good season.  The last few have been pretty great, though, so the bar is set pretty high.

Nip/Tuck : Just stop.  I’m so close to quitting this show.  This season has just been so stupid.  The show feels like the writers have a meeting and ask “what’s the WACKIEST THING we can do this week!??!”  Last week the show was actually pretty good, and now this week it was back to being stupidly over-the-top and bad again.  I think they have like 2 more seasons booked, too, making me really consider dropping it rather than having to put up with it for another 2 years.

House : I pretty much agree with this article entirely.  It doesn’t spoil anything but covers stuff up to last week’s episodes so if you haven’t caught up yet, don’t read it.

Heroes : I wish that they could be successful with yet another attempt at a “reboot”, but it seems like they can’t – again.  I still hold out hope for a recovery but it’s less and less likely by the week.

24 : Surprisingly good thus far, and all I can think is “please, don’t screw it up”.  Please.  I can tolerate the “IM GOING TO PING THEIR LINE!!!” and “ENHANCE IMAGE!!!!” and all that as “plot devices”, but the SUPER insane plotlines are what made the show terrible in earlier seasons.  They seem to be onto something for this season, though, here’s to hoping they hold onto it.

Lost : This show sucks!!….just kidding, obviously.  Lost is the best and still my #1 show of the week.  I doubt I’ll ever say a bad word about the show, even if the last scene of the show flashes to a turtle’s eye waking up and it’s all just been a dream…. and then the turtle lays an egg with the Dharma logo on it. :lost:

The coolest thing ever : Pandora + iphone + built in ipod car dock = free customized internet radio in your car.  Pretty ill, although I wish there was a bigger SKIP button so I didn’t have to hunt for it every time I wanted to change songs.

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  • February 26, 2009 at 5:19 pm

    peterjenning said:

    where is the amazing race

  • June 24, 2009 at 7:21 am

    mma online said:

    Kimbo slice probably will gt beat down on the Ultimate Fighter but it will still be good to watch.

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