you know it’s an odd day when i’m not eating spaghetti or pizza

September 10, 2009 | 6:00 pm | JCarver

I planned to spend today at work (yes, at work!) on various projects and can report a pretty varying degree of successes:

1. I planned to finally get officially started with a workout program/diet regimen with Alfalfa from SA. He operates a company called PetraFitness where he creates customized plans for training/nutrition. I was active pretty much all throughout my life up til the past few years when poker and traveling kind of put a stop to it all – but hopefully this program works out and gets me back on the good health wagon. I got in touch with David earlier and it seems we’re good to get started, so mission accomplished here.

2. I planned on playing some cash this morning. Not much was running when I wanted to start, so I ended up putting in a shorter session since there wasn’t too much action. I’ve really been committed to playing a bunch of hands at 3/6 before moving up and have been mostly successful in this ‘mandate’. There’s no real reason for it – I’m a winner at everything up to 50-100 – I just haven’t played cash in awhile and wanted to put in a bunch of hands to get the rust off before letting my inner degen out to play 500-1k. I’m pretty happy with how it’s been going, although I’ve certainly been running pretty well. There was a hand today – co raises, btn calls, I call bb w KQ w/ the K of clubs, flop comes JcTc9c and get it in 3 ways vs JJ and Ac2c. Equity looks pretty dismal…until we river the ol queen of clubs for the scoop. Yeah, I’d say I’m running well. Anyway, I ended up playing for about 90 minutes or so and won about $1500. I was going to play longer, but I wanted to get to the loftiest goal of the day…

3. FIX THE FUCKING DESKTOP. I pretty much knew starting the day that this was going to be the worst task ahead of me, likely meaning sitting on the phone with Dell for hours on end. After spending at least 30 minutes trying to find the “right” number (XPS ‘premier’ support might be the biggest inside joke in Dell company history) I got hold of a woman who clearly had no idea what to do with me and my fairly complex issue. After a 105 minute phone call, about 60 minutes of those with me sitting on hold, and literally 0 progress, the phone call disconnects – without me having been given a case number. Sigh.

I call back a few hours later, this time to a different number. Energized by what might have been the most unique meal I’ve ever made for myself – baked tilapia with string beans (yes, you are still reading a jcarver post!) – I prepared myself for another war of attrition with support.

This time I spoke to a guy who had a much better grasp of “computers” than the first woman. I was put on hold for very short periods of time, a case was officially detailed, and we actually did things that might result in a solution. In the end, it seems like Dell is going to have to ship a bunch of new components – hopefully that’ll fix whatever the issue was.

I feel like I’ve been pretty productive so far today – compared to my usual definitions of productive being “get out of bed” and all, this is like building the golden gate bridge in a day – but there’s one thing left that I’d like to get straightened out. The prop bet that’s been proposed to me seems to be falling through mostly due to the fact that I’m having trouble quantifying the very hard-to-define edge that my competitor has. In short, it’s a profit race; the first one to $X in income wins an additional (large) sum.

The sticking point in getting this off the ground is that I’d be restricted to mid-stakes cash (no higher than 10-20), where I’m a proven winner, versus his mid-stakes PLO + SNG play, where he’s not a proven winner. I’d certainly be a favorite straight up, but he wants some silly amount of edges (rakeback, etc) to balance my perceived edge, complicating things. I’d like to do the bet but I’m not going to do some huge prop bet if there’s a chance of hustlage…we’ll see. The other thing is that this is a “volume bet”, meant to get both of us to play more than he currently does. I, for one, am happy with my amount of play, and I kind of like the idea of being free to do other things if for some reason I wanted to in the next 4 months. If I took this bet, I wouldn’t have that freedom, so…meh at the spot.

I’m playing the PLO and 2-7TD wcoops tonight. I’m not particularly good at PLO, but I’ve been watching a lot of jman’s videos lately trying to improve my understanding of the game, with mixed results. I want to play a bunch of plo hands at $3-$6 or $2-$4 to try to get more experience at some point – I enjoy the game a ton, but there’s just so much I don’t know about it…gotta get some more experience. 2-7TD I’m even more inexperienced at – Daniel’s been trying to teach me but I still make rather silly mistakes. Mind you, I’ve been playing fairly high stakes 8game – 40-80 on average – where my mistakes are amplified and exploited more often than not – but in a $300 tournament, I think I have a (tiny) edge on the field. I probably should get to focusing to this moon poker, so let me just say there’s a little PokerVT news and maybe a little more poker conversation to come in the next few blogs…

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    The jcarver run good story goes on, but I am impressed with your new food progress!

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    eat shit jcarver

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