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tuesday television treatise by taknapotin

November 24, 2008 | 11:28 pm | JCarver

I’ve been home for a week or so and, among some poker and fallout 3, caught up on a bunch of TV shows.  I watch a lot of tv.  A lot of tv.  Before things get crazy again for me, I felt like writing up some short reviews of stuff I’m currently watching.  Seems like good timing because a lot of shows are wrapping up their fall run or gearing up for their finales.  All this stuff is spoiler free for the current season, except for Survivor (where I mention my picks, thereby spoiling who wasn’t eliminated, but that’s it).

Heroes: What a piece of shit show.  I remember loving the show in season 1 but they seem to have done nothing but consistently disappointed me since the finale of S1.  Remember the buildup to Sylar and Peter’s confrontation, only to be massively let down by the result?  What could have been an awesome confrontation was instead just the biggest case of TV blueballs ever and it hasn’t been good since.  Even with all the promises that S3 was going to be better (and at times, it has), I’m still unhappy.  I haven’t seen tonight’s yet and I still hold out hope.

Prison Break: Surprisingly decent this season.  It’s a stupid, stupid show, but seems to hold together pretty well when it focuses on what it’s good at and stops trying to be anything but a dumb 24-esque show and moves the plot away from anything that involves getting in or out of places.  Which brings me to..

24: Another pleasant surprise.   Got rid of some of the dumb, clunky retarded shit that had slowed down the show considerably the last few seasons and got back to basics – Jack dodging gunfire in a way that gets Phil Hellmuth to go “damn!!” in jealousy.  Hope S7 is as good as this 2 hour thing was.  I’ve liked this show for awhile but this show had really went to shit in recent years.  Maybe there’s still some life left for 24.

Entourage: I watched the ENTIRE show recently, first episode to last episode, in about a week’s time.  I really liked most of it, but now that I’m getting just 25 minutes a week I’m already starting to sour.  Having seen so much of it at once I obviously got to gloss and skate over the dull, boring storylines.  Now, watching it week-by-week is such a drag when there are consecutive weeks and weeks of crap.  The finale was terrible and hopefully it’ll come back fresh and rejuvinated when it returns, whenever that is.

Boston Legal: Underrated show that not enough people watch.   Iit still does a good job of what it’s always done – witty, quirky comedy that can still turn serious and talk about real issues without sounding (too) judgmental and soapboxy.  There’s usually little doubt left in the viewer’s mind as to what side of the issue the writers/producers are on, but hey, it’s still very solid and funny.  James Spader didn’t win several Emmys for his role for nothing.

Dexter: I didn’t really like how this season was developing – the first one without a strong subplot that was fairly clear from episode one – but it’s become really good again (finally).  Hopefully these writers won’t fuck it up because it’s suddenly a compelling drama again that I actually look forward to watching.

Survivor: This is one of the few shows I’m less than proud that I watch so zealously.  Having said that, I thought this season was going to be terrible compared to last season’s incredibly good run.  You can’t really argue that last season was one of the best, most strategic, most interesting seasons ever – but that’s entirely due to the cast.  This season looked like it was going to be really dumb with few real compelling characters to root for, but it’s sort of shaped up into something watchable due to some of the current tribe dynamics.  My current pick to win is clearly the favorite, Kenny, but I’d like to see Bob somehow manage to pull out a win.

The Shield:  Ending its 6.5 year run Tuesday, one of my favorite shows ever has always done a fantastic job of keeping the viewer off guard while telling an amazing, gripping story.  The characters are endearing and you empathize with them; yet, just a few moments later, are capable of repulsing you as they constantly tread (or trample) that ethical “gray line”.  There have been so many memorable twists and turns in this show, nevermind the solid yet exceptional plotlines – even the self contained ones -  told at an insane but perfect pace that makes it always one of the top shows I recommend to people.  I can’t wait to see how it ends.

The Ultimate Fighter: I’ve missed a few episodes this season but really just haven’t gotten into it.  I don’t really like either coach (although I respect Nog as a fighter for sure), haven’t really seen any fighter who jumps out at me as really good or that I like as a person (I can only name Junie and the guy who likes to hug it out as fighters in the house).  Shrug.  Only a few weeks left anyway then it’s done.

Kitchen Nightmares:  I thought I’d hate this show, but for some reason I really like it.  It’s probably because most of the episodes are filmed at places within 30 minutes from my house so I feel like I have some connection to the carnage, but I’ll be honest.  Even if they were all filmed in Nebraska, I’d probably still watch.

Unfortunately, I actually watch even more tv than what’s on that list on a week to week basis but that’s all I have any real opinions on.  Big news (that has nothing to do with TV!) coming tomorrow, so look out for that.

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  • November 25, 2008 at 2:32 am

    nik said:

    restaurant reviews next please.

  • November 26, 2008 at 5:50 am

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  • November 28, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    brian said:

    If you like the shield go watch Sons of Anarchy, it’s by one of the writers/producers (Kurt Sutter who also played that crazy armenian guy who cut off feet in the shield) and in my opinion its’ first season is already as good if not better than the shield’s first season. Plus it’s basically the same concept but without so much hiding of previous shit done 6 series ago in the first episode.

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